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Inspiring kids about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and careers in technical disciplines is what Cedarburg High School Robotics and FIRST are all about. We are introducing technology, manufacturing, and business to the next generation of engineers and scientists.


SPONSORS:  In order to put parts, machines and software in front of students and take them to competitions, we need your donations. We are an entirely volunteer organization with zero overhead. Every donation from $2 to $20,000 will have a direct impact on learning in our community.

MENTORS: Adults from all fields- programming, design, fabrication, machining, public relations, graphics, and marketing, we need people that can teach one on one by doing!  Share your time and your talent with us!

We are curently seeking:

Milling Machines (Knee or turret)
Metal Lathes
Plasma Cutters and Welders
Hand Tools

MATERIALS: from small quantities of steel and aluminum shape, sheet and bar, to plastics, fabrics, roller chain, gears, pulleys, bearings, bushings, wheels, paint, wire, terminals, etc…

We are also looking for companies willing to quickly make small components from student’s drawings in January and February during our short build season, and in less of a rush throughout the year for training and educational projects.

We could use services like printing of signs, banners and fliers, and web site development.

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THANK YOU for making a difference!


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Cedarburg High School Robotics Team – FRC #3197