2018 Robot Build



2018 Season kicked off on Saturday, January 6th. The team went to WCTC to meet up with other teams for the FIRST game kick-off event.

This year’s challenge is Power Up!, a three on three dynamic strategy game where power cubes are manipulated to score on a high balance scale or low balance scale.  More information can be found here.

Week 1- Strategy and Design

During kickoff and Week 1, brainstorming was the main focus. Everyone was involved in coming up with different ideas for the goals the robot needed to accomplish in order to be competitive.  Prototyping and CAD design for the cube intake began as well.

Collaboration on different ideas for the robot.
Cube intake prototype.
CAD of cube intake idea.

 Week 2 –  Design and Prototype

Chassis design and prototyping continued this week, with some manufacturing beginning to take place in the metal shop.  Ideas for an elevator design for the robot began to shape up.

Beginning manufacturing!

Week 3- CAD and Fabrication

The Computer Aided Design (CAD) team finished chassis design and manufactured the necessary pieces of the chassis this week.  By the end of the week we had a finished chassis!  The elevator and claw mech designs continued and began manufacturing this week.

Continuing manufacturing for the chassis.
Finished chassis!

Week 4 – Fabrication and Assembly

The elevator was finished and by the end of the week was incorporated into the rolling chassis.   The coding team began working with the chassis on control.  The claw mech continued fabrication.

The control team beginning to work on this year’s robot.
The elevator is installed on the chassis!

Lift mech., automated.

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Week 5 – Control Assembly and Testing

The claw mech was incorporated into the robot chassis and the elevator this week, allowing the robot to pick up cubes and lift them.  The control team continued working with code to enhance the robot’s abilities.

Cube intake becomes a part of the elevator.
Picking up cubes!

Week 6 – Last week! Testing and Tuning

This week we fine tuned the robot’s mechanisms and took part in practice matches held at a Mini-Regional in Sussex, WI.  The control team continued testing the robot’s abilities as we ran in the practice matches and made the necessary fixes to the robot.

Fine tuning for practice matches at Sussex!
Control team working on code at Sussex!

Bag Day! – 2/20/18 at 11:59 pm

The final day to work on our robot. After this we put our robot in a bag until our St. Louis and Milwaukee Regional Competitions.


Cedarburg High School Robotics Team – FRC #3197